Reality on the Web.

Reality on the Web

I was chatting with a guy the other day and he knew I built websites. He said, you know what drives me crazy when I go to a company’s website? When they have a contact page with no way to contact a human (phone number), or worse yet when they don’t have a physical address listed.

He continued explaining from a user stand point that when he wants to buys something online he makes his decision based on how REAL the company appears to be online. Like the examples above phone numbers and physical address are important to would be customers.

What other things might steer a customer away from your business?

Is your website current? Meaning, things like is your copyright date this year or years old? Have you made an effort to post to your website letting both the search engines and human visitors see new information, or does your website resemble a years old post card, static with no changes over time.

The internet made an already impatient client base even more so. Our customers expect any company they do business with to have a website, and expect that it be current with relevant information and up to date posts, pictures and even video. All of these things are the basis of our reputation, failing in this results in a lesser reputation, and even worse less favorable search engine results.

If you don’t have a website and are considering one, let Creative TaLantz help get you started. I say started because our plan usually includes the building of the initial site and providing you a log-in to add your own additional info, posts (blog), pictures, and video (ie keeping your site alive).

If you already have a website that may be in need of a make over Creative TaLantz can help rejuvenate a dead website too. Call us today for a free consultation and let’s work together to improve your business image, and revive your old website, or create that new one you’ve been dreaming about.

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