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Web design encompasses many skills and disciplines. In the early days of the internet designers would actually design by writing code. Today we have tools that allow for designing visually, however, a fair amount of code knowledge is still required to get the look and feel desired.

Don’t be fooled by the many ads claiming you can have a website in a day. Unless you want your business’ reputation based on the likes of the old ‘Myspace’ page of the recent past. Sure you can create a website on your own, but without the knowledge of coding, it can quickly become a nightmare, not to mention quickly become a very expensive mistake.

Why Does Your Business Need A Website?

Let’s face it as technology improves everyday, more and more products and services are moving to the internet. Consumers expect companies to have a website, and some rate your credibility by this fact alone. That’s why a professionally designed site is in your best interest, your image, reputation, and credibility with your customers is what is at risk.

Look around and count the number of people on smart phones, tablets, or computers using the internet to look up or download everything. Everybody uses the internet, in fact it’s used more than and quickly replacing the phonebook. You are in business to make money, if people can’t see your products or services the likelihood of these potential customers going to your competitor is really good, especially if they are online.

Currently 22% of the earth’s population surf the internet, or more precisely 1.1 billion people have regular web access. Choosing not to have a web presence would be similar to opening up a business without a sign, blacking out all the windows, and sitting inside with the lights off and waiting for the phone to ring a or customer to walk in.

A website is a tool to be used…

Many of businesses today consider the web, but really only few actually follow through in creating a professional website.

Some uses of a website beyond simple stating your abilities, where you are, and your hours of business, include but are not limited to pictures and bios of your staff, your products or service listings, but most importantly it it a means of communicating with your customers, past, present and future.

One area that we are certain most businesses can relate to is answering the same question over and over again. Your website can present that information for you and allow you and your staff to concentrate on what you do best. We’ve heard clients say that they prefer to talk to their customers, but how do you reach those who know nothing about you or seek those answers after hours?

The internet has become a tool of business. A website helps define your expertise to your customers in many ways. We recommend choosing a professional design team like Creative TaLantz, because a poorly designed website can reflect poorly on you and your business, while a functional and friendly design can do just the opposite.

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