Covid-19 Restrictions

With the current lock downs affecting small businesses and many losing their livelihood, how can small business survive?

Many believe they simply cannot, however others have used their websites to reach potential customers. Often this requires re-designing their current websites to allow for online sales, which can seem daunting to many.

At Creative TaLantz, we want to help, being a small business ourselves we understand that keeping business going while honoring the new guidelines is tough and being a web design company realize the pressures and headaches many face when considering a re-design, so how can we help you?

First like you we have more “time” at home, in our case it also where we do our business, so we can help you and your business by offering our services and help you redesign your website to be more aligned with online sales for those businesses that can work with that model by updating or revamping your website adding e-commerce.

This can apply to any current business, mainly because a current website if “static” meaning a website that was built and not updated, or is/was not set up for blogging/vlogging (video logging) or otherwise set-up for regular updates which causes a website’s search engine ratings to reduce over time, equating to lost reach to your customer base.

A simple way to help your search engine ratings is regular updates, and pictures, products, and videos drive ratings higher, and e-commerce on a secure site helps even further. If you are looking for help with your website Creative TaLantz is here to help you. Simply reach out to us directly by phone or email to get started and ask about our special Lock Down Pricing, and let’s start the dialog.

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