More Hosting

Optional Hosting Products…

Domain Names $12.99/yr  Give your website a unique identity.

Domain Privacy $8.99/yr  Protect your personal information with Domain Privacy!

SiteLock $95/yr  Identify security vulnerabilities that could lead to identity theft.

Site Backup/Restore $15/yr  Prevent the loss of critical web files with our easy-to-use backup tool.

Monthly SEO Service $100/yr (Reg. $220) Get optimized monthly submissions to Google, Yahoo!, Bing, and 85 other top rated search engines and directories.

Weekly SEO Service $300/yr (Reg. $400) Get optimized weekly submissions to Google, Yahoo!, Bing, and 85 other top rated search engines and directories.

Business E-Mail Accounts

Become Your Own Post Office

Business email accounts — also known as POP accounts — allow you to receive email using an email program such as Microsoft Outlook or Eudora. They are server based and can be used to give each of employee or department a separate mailbox for receiving mail.

What Is a Business Email Account?

Each business email account is a dedicated, private mailbox for the receipt of email messages. Each account is created on FatCow or Account Support’s mail servers and can be accessed by any client- or Web-based email tool. Each mailbox is formatted on the popular POP standard for near-universal accessibility.


Set up each employee or department with a dedicated mailbox.
Customize each box with a dedicated alias, or for examples.
Download mail to your personal computer’s email application, such as OSX Mail, Outlook™
$25.00/setup for 5 extra POP Boxes (1 time fee).

$50.00/setup for 10 extra POP Boxes (1 time fee).

E-Commerce Services

Doing business online shouldn’t be complicated, so we offer tools that make launching your online store easy.

Credit Card Processing

iPayment*  – Start accepting credit cards through your website, and watch your online sales go up!

PayPal*  – PayPal payment services enable you to easily and securely receive credit card, debit card and bank account payments online through one of the most trusted names on the Internet.

Shopping Cart

ShopSite Shopping Carts*
Sell Your Products Online with a robust, yet simple shopping cart for small- and medium-sized businesses.

SSL Certificates

QuickSSL Premium Certificate $60/yr
Protect sensitive information during online transactions easily and securely with a QuickSSL Premium Certificate.

Extended Validation SSL Certificate $300/yr
A True BusinessID with Extended Validation achieves the highest level of trust through the strictest standards of any SSL certificate.

* – These items have additional fees.