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We take your ideas and desires and create an image of your business online, that suits for your needs but is also viewer friendly. Designing today requires getting the information to the viewer as quickly as possible. People want to find what they’re searching for within 3 clicks, or they move on to another site.

More Web Design

We prefer to build and host our clients in house using the WordPress platform, primarily because we can build a great looking, user friendly site that our client can then manage themselves if they choose. This way you can be in control of your website, and we are there to help you maintain it if needed.

Design Costs?

To make things easy, we simply charge $120 per page on initial or rebuilds. We have found over the years that being focused (perfectionists), it sometimes takes a fair amount of time to get a page dialed in just right. In fact it can often take hours, that are difficult at best to explain in billing, so we work flat rate on initial design and layout. This way everybody can see the product and how many there are right in the dashboard. No surprises when everything is complete, and also no conflict.

We don’t know about you but we find life presents enough issues that need sorting out, without adding any conflict. Our rates are very competitive some have even said inexpensive, meaning we’re not looking to get rich off of any one site. We hope you’ll share our expertise with your friends and associates that may be looking to create or recreate their own web sites. Friendly referrals are always appreciated…

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Hosting Fees?

Annual Hosting Renewals?
We only charge $220/yr for hosting your website per year. This includes minor updates to the site and keeping plug-ins and WP up to date, and your domain renewals.

We don’t charge monthly maintenance fees, we do however charge $50/hr to update/repair any pages after the initial build, with a minimum of 1/2 hour billed. Minor stuff is covered in annual renewals…

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How Long?

It depends on the depth of the project, but can generally be done within six weeks. Of course the more information that you can provide in a digital format, pictures documents, or even past websites, the faster we can get something together.

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We do unfortunately have to work under contract, as we have been burned a few times before. We can work these via email, if you are not local. We require a 20% non refundable deposit to start work on any design to cover start up and any fees we may have out.

Privacy & Terms…

You may not believe everybody needs to have a terms of use and privacy policy, however failure to have them may keep you out of the search engines, or at least not list your website anywhere it can be found. So we highly recommend that you consider adding these two pages to any ideas you already have so that you won’t be excluded from any search engines.