Currency,  not the kind you spend

Everybody who considers and/or builds a website is generally thrilled upon it’s completion. It new its fresh, they definitely want to show it off and create a following of others who will share it with others and so on. Then after that newness passes, what happens?

My experience creating WordPress websites, has been incredible as it allows a client to almost immediately assume control of their website upon it’s completion. We discuss currency during and after the build, yet many take the importance of currency to heart. Unfortunately many allow there websites to become static, without updates and thus all of the initial work done to get them into search engines, and recognized locally and beyond starts to unwind.

Search Engines much like people will follow a website they like to see what new things they present, however if no new info is presented, both tend to take longer to return. You see both are a computer of sorts that gauges new content, to do so each must return. Initially coming back in a short period of time, if nothing new at that moment they may give another look a little further down the line. But if on the third visit they verify no new content both people and search engines will slow to a crawl and may or may not come back at all.

If you have a website and you hope for or rely on good search engine ratings or followers, it is imperative that you post a blog update, or add material to your site such as new pages, new gallery photos etc. Doing so keeps your visitors whether human or digital coming back and helps keep you working in the search engines.